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Big Belly Deli

When Oklahoma native Kyla (Newcomb) Woods moved to Marlow, she had no idea that her lifelong dream was about to unfold. For as long as she can remember, she’s always wanted to own a restaurant. Her friends, family (or anyone) who have tasted her amazing cooking and baking, would surely attest to the fact that she should!

As she began settling into Marlow life, it didn’t take long to realize that restaurant options were limited compared to those in her former home. Finding a new job with a salary that she was accustomed to was also presenting a challenge. One day Kyla shared these frustrations with her mother, who eagerly exclaimed to her daughter, “let’s do it!”

And that is exactly what Kyla did! From looking for the best location for her gastronomic vision, to working with architects, contractors and food service companies, Kyla poured the same dedication and passion into her restaurant as she does into her food.




At big belly deli we believe that life is like a sandwich...

and you have to fill it with the best ingredients.

Artisan breads. High-quality deli meats and cheeses. Fresh, healthy produce. Creamy spreads and velvety dressings. Crunchy salads with a medley of toppings. Incredibly satisfying soups. Delicious handmade desserts and pastries. Harmonious blends of fantastic flavor notes that will make your tastebuds sing with joy; all orchestrated by none other than Kyla, our gastronomic maestro of the kitchen.

And don't let our name fool you! There are many low carb, low calorie, keto and healthy choices on our menu. It may take you two sittings to finish a sandwich or a salad, but it's worth every bite! You have many choices for your dine-in or take-out meal experiences, and we hope that you enjoy our food as much as we enjoy serving you.

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